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Reclaim Our Democracy

Petition to Reclaim Our Democracy

Join me in reclaiming our right to peacefully protect our region by reversing the National Party’s anti-protest laws.

On July 1 2018, the NSW Government enacted the Crown Land Management Regulation 2018 under the Crown Land Management Act 2016.

Under the new law, any gathering anywhere on NSW public crown land including parks, town squares, beaches, forests or roadsides can be dispersed at the whim of a police officer or any other authorized official, and people who disobey can be fined on the spot up to $1100.

This latest anti-protest law is in addition to the Inclosed Lands, Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment Act 2016 which, amongst other things, imposed heavy jail terms for peaceful protests at mining and coal seam gas sites.

Our beaches and protected forests are natural assets of great economic, social and environmental value to our region. They are so because people came together to protect them. These anti-democratic laws will weaken our community’s ability to continue to protect them and other important regional assets.

I encourage anyone who values our region to sign the petition. We need to stand together now.

Sue Higginson
Greens Candidate for the Seat of Lismore

Sue Higginson for Lismore


Sign the Petition to Reclaim Our Democracy

To the New South Wales Minister for Lands and the New South Wales Attorney General.

This ‘Reclaim Our Democracy’ petition seeks to repeal the NSW Government's anti-protest laws.

The Petition brings to your attention that the NSW Government's anti-protest laws weaken the ability of the residents of the Lismore electorate to continue to protect their region’s natural assets and way of life.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask you both to:

  • Repeal those parts of the Crown Land Management Regulation 2018 that regulates the taking part in any gathering, meeting or assembly; or alternatively provide a comprehensive exception to protect genuine political assemblies, meetings or protests.

  • Repeal in its entirety the Inclosed Lands, Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment Act 2016.


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