NSW Polls Open - Let's make this about Climate Action

When the polls open, let’s make this election about climate action. At our campaign launch Bob Brown reminded us this is the first election since the IPCC report told us we have 12 years to turn around our climate emergency. That means this election is a critical opportunity to  get the policy settings right for our climate. 

It's time to do politics differently, reclaim our democracy and most importantly call on every voter, to use their voice and vote for climate change.  Next week is Climate Action Week and we’ll be launching our Climate Action Policy on Monday 11, with a March along Molesworth Street to ramp up the referendum on climate change.

Sue will be on horseback, along with Glen Morris, the farmer who stopped traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge 12 months ago to protest inaction on climate. They will be followed by a cavalcade of sustainable electric cars and bikes.

Pedestrians and cyclists are invited to join them to travel along Molesworth St, we will travel past the Pre-poll booth at 100 Molesworth St and finish at our campaign HQ. Join us to call for a bright, sustainable future for our region.


March 11, 2019 at 8:45am - 9:45am
North Lismore end of Simes Bridge
Gai Longmuir Vicki Ross Gwilym Summers Scott Sledge Melissa Gulbin Jenny Mac Linda Banbury

Will you come?